Ray vs. the Toons

By Tyrone and Jere Watson

An out of the box reading experience, Tyrone and Jere Watson?s Ray vs. the Toons projects a modern fable into the fantastic lights of a cartoon world. In Toonyville, the seemingly trivial candy cane colors and amazing games become the backdrop to serious drama that might be better suited to Hollywood. But the recent decade has seen a spate of animated films with serious stories and themes, and this confirms the fact that cartoons have taken their place among serious works of art. Not since Aesop have non-human characters achieved such a level of distinction.

Inhibition is a daunting barrier separating our desires and fears, acting upon our subconscious, relentlessly building a wall around our desires. The prejudices and habits that we act upon daily are subtle and entrenched within society. Be it through tradition, Media, or just personal conveniences, these vices virtually assure indoctrination. This contentment become second nature and assures of the safe zone, the place inside us where we find comfort. There is no need for a controlling entity if we can be convinced of never reaching for the doorknob and turning it, and everything would stay as it is for always.

The author asks readers with the well-told tale by taking you on a journey through two very distinct worlds, ?Who determines the safe zones? Why is there a boundary on our desires?? Ray vs. the Toons is a journey outside the gates. It is not a physical gate but a mental gate, which each one builds as they journey through life. People are inhibited by things that they have unconsciously constructed, not from their own experiences but from the experiences of others. As fears and prejudices of others are projected upon a predisposed public, the construction of this mental gate begins. The gate supposedly protects us from what?s on the other side and gives comfort. But there are times when desires overtake fears; that is the moment when the knob is remembered, reached for, and turned. There will come a time when the walls of prejudice are torn down and rebuilt with the walls of confidence. This bold, inventive, and dramatic book tells of such a time and the bracing adventure of a story that follows.

Ray vs the Toons